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Become one of our research small holdings - you supply the data, we supply the lab-work. Together we can make a difference. 


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How does it work?

  • You send us samples at the designated times

  • You get the full results - but you don't need to pay

  • Answer more in-depth questions by email so we can form a full profile of your holding and monitor changes

  • You just need to invest some time & the postage

  • We'll collate the data (usually over 2-3 years) and publish the results

  • You can leave the trial at anytime



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FLOODING: matching worming to peak risk

Flooding & heavy rain on pasture creates the perfect environment for nematode larvae to multiply. What we need to establish is precisely when after flooding we should be worming and how long the increased risk persists.

We want to monitor flocks over 2 years, either side of flooding

If your pasture is known to flood you can enrol & we'll start monitoring

If your pasture unexpectedly floods, you can join with an immediate sample

Sampling dates:

  • Every 3 months before flooding

  • Week 3, 6, 9 and 12 after flooding

  • Then every 3 months for at least 12 months

Ideally you would have 5-25 goats / sheep / alpacas & you would worm only after a positive sample rather than routinely

'Flooding' = standing water on over 25% of pasture for >3  consecutive days



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ORGANIC OPTIONS: do they work?

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flooded pasture.jpg


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