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Livestock: £12.50   Equine: £10   Poultry: £8.50   Tortoise: £8.50 

up to 5 named samples

STEP 1: pick some poo

freezer bag



name if required

  • Grab a fresh sample inside a freezer bag (or disposable glove)

  • Don't worry if a little hay or straw goes in the bag

  • The more poo, and the more different piles you can sample, the better

  • A minimum of 10g is required for the test (except Tortoises: one poo will do)

  • Write the name of the animal or group on the bag

STEP 2: Double Bag


Double Bag

  • Wrap your sample bag(s) in kitchen roll - there should be enough to absorb any fluids that might leak

  • Stuff this bundle inside another zip-lock freezer bag

  • This double bagging process might seem a little pointless if your sample is quite dry - but it is essential to comply with the Health & Safety regulations for posting poo samples

STEP 3: envelope & post


Your postcode on back

'Exempt Animal Specimen'



  • Choose a good sized envelope or jiffy bag (A5 size works best)

  • Write your postcode on the back - that's how we know its your sample

  • Write: 'Exempt Animal Specimen' on the front

  • Address to: 'Tomtebo, Nickley Wood, Ashford TN26 1LZ'

  • Post: it will need a large letter stamp, big specimens might be a parcel


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Tomtebo, Nickley Wood Road, Ashford, Kent TN26 1LZ