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We work with the best Veterinary Laboratories in the UK to help you monitor your pets & livestock health status.

Putting you in control of your own herd health program.

Interpretation of the results is crucial, so our vet will email you the results and discuss the implications for your animals. Making the best plan - together.

Many tests are based on faeces, urine, swabs or feathers - easy to collect yourself.

Some require blood tests - you'll need some experienced help for this, your local practice's vet or nurse will help you.

Please e-mail all results on to your vets for their records

RUMINANTS: sheep, cattle, goats & alpacas


Faeces tests: Send one hand full from 3 different consecutive poos

  • Full analysis: bacterial culture, salmonella, campylobacter, with antibiotic sensitivity analysis £56.50

  • Samonella : faeces culture £34.50

  • Johnes Disease PCR (shows active infection with MAP bacteria, ideal test for diagnosis as the blood test just shows exposure to the disease): £76.50 (£52 cows)

Urine tests: Send at least 10mls in a plastic bottle

  • Full analysis: crystal microscopy, blood, ketones, glucose, protein, pH and specific gravity £32.50

  • Stone analysis: send the whole urinary stone for mineral analysis, results can take 3 weeks £46.50

Discharges tests: Send at least 5mls of any fluid or use a sterile laboratory swab to wipe in the discharge (eg nasal, abscess)

  • Culture & antibiotic sensitivity: discover any bacteria present and identify the best antibiotic £49.50

  • Mastitis tests: 20mls minimum milk sample, culture with antibiotic sensitivity £39.50

  • ORF scab analysis PCR test: send a scab £42.50

Blood Tests: only vets & veterinary nurses should take blood samples.

  • Sick Ruminant blood profile (serum, EDTA & OxF tubes): full haematology, protein, albumin, magnesium, phosphorus, urea, creatinine, AST, ALP, GGT, BHB, glucose, calcium £54.50

  • Trace elements (serum): Copper £25.00

  • Johnes disease (serum): the ELIZA detects exposure to the MAP bacteria, a negative result confirms all-clear status, but a postive result should be followed with the faeces PCR test to detect active infection: £18.50

  • Listeria (serum or heparin): antibody test to detect recent exposure to the bacteria £55.00

  • CAE, caprine arthritis encephalitis: (serum) £22.50

  • CLA, caseous lymphadenitis (serum): £22.50

  • Goat screen CAE, CLA and Johnes (serum): £42.50

  • Sheep screen MV and Johnes (serum): £32.50

  • Bovine Respiratory Screen IBR, RSV, PI3, BDV, M.bovis (serum): £42.50

Request quote for other tests or herd screening

Laboratory Submission Form: Ruminants

Wrap samples in kitchen roll & seal in a Zip-Lock bag. Write your postcode on the back of the envelope - this will ID your samples. Write: "Exempt Animal Specimen" on the front of the envelop and Post to: Tomtebo, Nickley Wood, Ashford TN26 1LZ